Its almost 2 weeks since my last post (9 days actually), yet still I have no outfit post to share or some thoughts. So I will start by saying, I'm sorry for not being inspired to write and to take picture of my outfit.

I am very happy for I have finished 2 crucial exams of my high school and 1 exam left, and shall I say, that my life for the next 3 years will be depending of the result! My national exam finished of Thursday and the only plan inside my mind was "SLEEP". I've been sleeping only for 4-6 hours a day for the last 2 months, and if you say "okay.... 4 to 6 hours is actually not that bad" well, it is bad for me. Result : I've gain weight, I was feeling exhausted every single day, PANDA EYES, and of course being sleepy  at class. 

Now that its done, I have a very bravo plan to treat myself. And that will be : Watch my favorite bands, The Kooks and Delphic perform this Wednesday! YEAAYY.  I am extremely excited for I have been waiting for them to come all my life. The Radio Dept will also be performing, but I am not really that excited because I usually listen to their songs when I am sleepy. No offense, they are good but I can't sing and dance to the songs. 

I wonder why British men is extremely attractive for me. Especially those indie bands member with their wonderful accent and style. 

Anyway, I promise that I will be posting my outfits and fashion updates soon!


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