31 Days Blog Challenge

Hello everyonee! I always wanted to do those 30 days challenge thingy but haven't got the perfect timing! But since I already have nothing to do (actually still a lot of things to do) I have decided that this  will be the perfect timing.

Its kinda hard to decide which challenge to do, since there are a lot of option to do. But I have decided that I will do the blog challenge since I own a blog. But I am considering to make one post for two days  because if I blog everyday, will be too much, isn't it? I don't know. Maybe some one interested to help me decide?

Let me know a soon as possible (literally)!

This post is actually counted as the first day of the challenge and here's the instruction : Introduction and your recent picture!

Introduction checked and here's my recent outfit pictures! Hope you guys like itt! 

Jacket Jeans, Tank Top, Skirt : Forever21 / Flats : Zara

Let me introduce you my new favorite toy, Scented Soda Bubbles that I bought last saturday night! I am obsessed! Keep on playing with it every single time, morning before and after breakfast and every single free time looolll!


  1. Hello. Would you mind telling me what does the challenge for? Sounds interesting :) Thank you.

    1. would totally like to tell you, but it wouldn't fun! Just stay tune dear :')


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