31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 2

Hey I am back! Second day of the challenge : 20 Facts About You

I will start by saying sorry for those who are not interested to know facts about me :') and I will have to say that day 2 really is a challenge because 20 facts is just.... a lot. Let's me just try first.

1. I llovveee Katy Perry! I'm just in love with her voice, personality and style. I feel like I can somehow related to her in some aspect of my life. I listen to her gospel album she did in 2001 until her current album! Believe it or not, her pictures in my laptop is 180 MB. Yuuppp

2. I am a BIG fan of nail polish! Since I was little I bought nail polish with my own money because its something that I feel like "important" lol and since my mom though it was such a waste of money. My favorite brands are O.P.I and Essie! But since Essie is not available here in Indonesia, I only have 1 :') lol. I also like China Glaze, Nicole by O.P.I.

3. Maybe if you notice from previous posts, you'll see I wore alooott turquoise. Yup, that's because I loovvee that color. Some of you might know it as "teal". Most of my stuff is turquoise even my room's wall is light turquoise.

Only some

4. Ipod is my must have! I listen to my Ipod 24/7 even though my sister or my driver usually turned on the radio. My bad day usually starts because I forgot to bring my Ipod. lol I'm serious though.

5. I am really is a weird person. I like to make weird gestures and over expressive faces. That's just who I am. Maybe you can't see it just yet, but eventually it will come out soon X)

6. I bake. I really reaalllyy love to bake. It starts because I love sweet things and then I realized that I am  capable of making them myself. I also sell them at school and help to raised fund for school events! Maybe Its because of my mom. She's also a greeaat cook!

7.I love swimming!

8. Related with fact number 6, I just adore the ocean, beach what ever it calls. I adore the creatures under it. Really love them. Truth is, back when I'm still in elementary school, every single school breaks, we spent at the beach! Always came back with SUPER tan skin. lol

9. I love Metal genre lol. My fav is Bullet Of My Valentine. I mean, I'm the kind of person who listens to every single genre, although classics is not really my fav. That's why you might notice that my favorite artists are random, From Katy Perry to The Kooks, Bullet For My Valentine to Deplhic and so on.

10. When it comes to values, I am still very traditional. I still believe the best way to have sex is when you are married. I come from a family that is quite religious. Quite. I mean, we all go to church every saturday and our big family is very close. Its God's blessings.

11. I belong to Indonesian ethnicity called "Batakness" where our traditional foods are mostly spicy. That's why I'm in love with spicy foods! What Am I without chilly? #lol. One of the things that get on my mind about thinking to leave my country is "Where can I get chilly sauce?" or " How many bottles of chilly sauce should I bring?" lol

12. I'm a dog person. Since I was a child, we always have dogs. I had Poodle, Golden Retriever, some unknown species and now Leci is Mini Pomeranian.

13. I love sports! I've been in basketball team for a couple of times. But since I have no time, I don't belong in any sport team any more.

14. I love fruits! I love them better than vegetables. (the fact my dog is named after one of my fav fruit "Lycee" ) Always brought mix diced fruits to school! My friends said I'm very healthy. Don't really think so...

15. I am Pescetarian. I was aiming to be vegetarian, but I think I still need protein from fish. One of the reason why I wanted to become vegetarian is the fact how cruel human is to kill animal (even some animals tortured before they are killed) so they can eat them. And if you think about it, beef, chicken and those meat is not even healthy anymore because they were already injected with hormones to make them "fatter". Though I'm still eating fish... I'll try my best to reduce it.

16. I simply love colors! My outfits are colorful and my room is also colorful!

17.  I'm Star Wars freak!

18. I love to spam my friends' gadgets by changing their wallpaper/ home screen/ lock screen into my close up, ugly face picture :') Always happy after I did that

19. I don't like to use foundation or face powder. I feel "too white" with those. I usually only use eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and bronzer. Only use face powder a couple of times.


20. I love my friends! We did so many weird things together! The fact that we'll be separating soonn, it just broke my heart! :(


  1. haha c'est bon, hein...
    moi aussi. j'aime ketty perry. her style is so cute.

    hey i love your last photo, you look beautiful there


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