Hey guyys! I am currently in a very good mood and so happy because, as I have informed you that yesterday I went to watch The Kooks and Delphic perform! Okay okay Its just sound so rude if I only mention Delphic and The Kooks. 

So at 6 pm, Indonesian band, Payung Teduh, perfomed as the opening act. They were very gooddd! Around 7, The Radio Dept perfomed for probably 45 minutes. At around 8, My boyfriends 01 (DELPHIC) Played! HONESTLY, Their performance was beyondd beyoonndd and beyond and let me repeat, beyoonndddd awesome. Seriously! Their live performance is 200 times better that the recording, where as their recorded songs are already awesome. 

At around 9 almost 10, My boyfriends 02 (The Kooks), perfomed! They were also beyond amaziing! All of us jumped and sing our heart out as loud as possible! After they played their last song and left the stage, we all start asking for an encore. " WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!" probably for 3 minutes, and we were kinda desperate because they didn't showed up. Until............ The lights starting to light the stage again and they entered the stage! They sang 2 song for the encore, Junk Of heart and Naive! AH I LOVE THEMMMM

Its probably the best night and best show I've attend this year! Though, I'm so bummed that I wasn't able to meet them in person and take photos :'( 

If Delphic and The Kooks will perform in your country, don't forget to watch them! Totally worth it! I promise! 

By the way, here's some pictures of my outfit taken at home because If I take pictures at the concert, the picture wouldn't be good because my pocket cam sucks! 


Jacket : Forever21 / Starwars Tank top : Forever21 / Stripes Shorts : Chic Simple / Flats : Free Concept


  1. like that jacket :)

    Warm regards


  2. Great look!! I like your blog! Hope you visit mine!

  3. the vest looks so cute together with the striped shorts

  4. You vest is soo pretty, the whole picture is pretty!


  5. Nice :)


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