Dark Romanticism

While I was disappearing from my blog for almost 3 weeks, I discovered how much weight I have 'gained'. And I am using a quotation mark because I actually have not gained any, but my cheeks made me looks like I gained a lot. Yes, I do admit that I have been eating a lot of chocolates and basically a lot of everything, but I didn't gain any because I walk a lot. A LOT. But I notice that my cheeks are very chubby and when I was skype-ing with my parents (and also my maid) back home, they said I look so fat. "Aduh neng gendutan banget ya neng?", my maid said. Oh well.

(not to mention winter is coming. Meaning, so more foods and less sweat)

Jacket : Zara / Necklace : H&M / Skirt : H&M / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp
Photographer : Heidy Martuparia


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