Joyeux Noël!

Merry christmas everybody! Hopefully you guys have a blessed christmas whether you spent it with your family or alone just like me. (not to mention I spent the D-day, 25th working HA!) But who cares, I had fun buying presents for my family in Indonesia and they just FaceTimed me saying they love it :')

ANYWAY, tips and trick time!
The holiday season is finally here! And what better things to fill your holidays than spending a week or more of travelling with your love one? Either you are travelling to visit your family and friends or just a simple relaxing vacation to discover new place, some information and tips would be very helpful to make your trip easier! Nobody wants to have a passport or overweight-luggage problems to kill your good mood, right? So here are some useful tips that you can practice for your next vacation trip!

1. Put your passport, itinerary and other important documents in one folder or pouch so you don’t have to your precious 5 minutes to dig inside your bag to find your passport.

2. Before leaving for your trip, it’s good to have some immunisation to prevent getting any sickness. For example travellers who wants to go to the Middle East, are recommended to take some vaccination such as Hepatitis A and B, Malaria, etc.

3. Don’t forget to clear your handbag and hand-carry luggage from any kind of liquids. You don’t want your Chanel perfumes to be thrown into the airport’s trash bin.

4. Check the luggage policy of your airline. Some airlines will give you a fewer amount of baggage compare to other airline but will add some more to your hand-carry luggage. For example, from Indonesia to France, Air France gives 23 kg checked baggage and 12 kg hand-carry luggage while Malaysian Airline gives 30 kg checked luggage and 7 kg hand-carry.

5. Its better to have 1 or 2 kg lighter of luggage, to prevent exceeding the limits because there might be a slight differences between your scales and the airport’s.

6. If you are planning to buy extra luggage for your trip, it is cheaper to buy them online from the airline’s website rather that buying them at the airport. The airport will rip you off!

7. Before packing, try to shortlist the items you want to bring to prevent over-packing.

8. Do not fold your clothes, its better to roll them to create more space inside your luggage! Beside, it will looks tidier than just folding and stack them.

9. Pack clothes/ items that you can use more than once! Mix and match is the best policy to look stylish while traveling! Don’t forget to plan and visualise your outfit before deciding to bring them.

10. If you still have so many things to bring but no more space inside your luggage, you can use some of your clothes and layered it up! Beside, it can warm you up in your cold airplane.

11. If your going to bring some liquids like shampoo or perfume, don’t forget to wrap them inside plastic bags and put your perfume in between clothes. So if the container breaks or squeezed your stuffs are safe!

12. Bring your own adaptor, in case of your chargers’ plug are different from your hotel’s plug, you can still charge your gadgets!

13. One handy travel scale will be very useful

14. Its better to have some local cash rather than relying only on your credit cards. In some country, the use of credit cards in every transaction is not really popular. And of course, in emergency situations, you might need to use cash.

15. But in the same time, don’t bring TOO much of cash, though. The pickpockets will definitely know which one are the tourist and targets you. They know that tourist usually bring tons of cash inside their bag. So be aware!

16. Bring spare memory card. You don’t want to miss a great photo of the purple sunset because your memory card is already full.

Hopefully the tips and trick will be useful! <3 Happy holidays


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