Today is the last day of school yeaayy! I will be having my 2 weeks holiday for a French holiday called Toussaint. But yeah in this 2 weeks of holiday, I will have to do like 3 projects, or maybe more, I can't remember.
Anyway, my day is ended actually quite well, we went to a hotel in Paris called Le General Hotel for our History class. And it was actually more like a chit chat session with the teacher ahahaha. He taught us about the table manner and some general french manner and stuff and because our class is very international (my friends are literally coming from all over the world) so we shared about our manners in our own country. It was fun
Top : H&M / Skirt : Forever21 / Socks : I forgot hehe / Shoes : Dr. Martens / Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Natasha


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