Orange Leaves

Its here, its already here! The beginning of hardcore wind and crazy coldness! As you can see, I am totally not ready for winter. While everybody was wearing mostly black and other dark ensemble, I was wearing my usual, normal fun pants! Ha! (I know most people thought that I'm weird) I also haven't buy any thick coats and jackets. Oh well. I tried to get a coat earlier today, but the result was : Spent some big amount of euros without getting myself any warm autumn/winter clothes (thanks to urban outfitters and topshop) I felt like a shopaholic today, which was an awesome feeling :') :')
Scarf : Zara / Jacket : Thrift Shop / Star Wars T-Shirt : Mercy / Jeans : Forever 21/ Sneakers : Nike
Photos : Heidy Martuparia


  1. just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to wearing all black. right?
    such a beautiful place to take a shoot!

    Mr. Rebel in Town
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  2. Great outfit! :)

    Armi Fernandez


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