The best of 2012

 2012 was a very fun year for me. I feel so blessed in that year. Watched Katy Perry's concert, I get to visit beautiful places I never been to, I had lots of fun with my friends and a lot of blessings given to me that I can't even describe one by one.

 The year started VERY well because I got a chance to see my favorite singer perform, The beautiful and talented Katy Perry. I didn't got the chance to see her in person but I met her male dancers ( and yes I was the very first person who noticed them) and right before the concert starts I meet her pal/dj who played for the opening, Dj Skeet Skeet and her backing vocal, Tasha Layton. Also met local singer Raisa and also Ran

On April,we surprise my friend on her birthday and all of us end up going inside the school pool with our complete uniform. I pushed her to the swimming pool and after a while she pulled me in and then we started pushing everybody into the pool! 

Went to a couple of countries in Europe for only 10 days. I am not satisfied enough because I haven't visit a lot of places, but I did had a lot of fun and I know that I am really blessed!

After I got back from my euro trip, me and my friends went to Taman Safari and we though we were going to see animal but it was actually for tracking. None of us was prepared. We wore shorts and the girls are wearing flats. Some of us got little leech on our feet and dirts all over our shoes but then again we always had fun. Then we stayed over in my friends house and the next morning went to Trans Studio in Bandung.

The closing of Beevolution! 21th of September is when I felt in love with Indonesian band named Polka Wars. I was one of the committee of the event and I meet a lot of artists! 

My 17th birthday! 25th of September! I got a couple of gifts from my beloved friends and family and I had a fun time dining with my friends. AND I also received birthday wishes from Polka Wars ( I am noticed yes) and note book with their signatures in it.

October! I went to Singapore with my friends to check out a couple of universities. I actually didn't really care about the university ( I never planned to study there) but I was aiming to have some fun with my friends and we did. 

Spent a full day of Christmas eve with my loved ones. Lunch, karaoke-ing, watching and cooking! 

Plus all the 17th birthday parties I have attended! Hopefully 2013 will be as fun as 2012 


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