My love for India has almost come to it's peak! I am so so so in love with India. Not because I've been told by soooo many people, including my family, on how I look like Indians ( True story lol ) but I'm just so in love with its culture, Saree ( I am deeply in love with it), the beauty and oh my God its a longgg list! I didn't realized them until recently, although I always wanted to go there for a long time! As you may know, I am very colorful when it comes to my outfit, stuff and such & India is just full of colors! That's one of the reason why I really want to visit India in Holi. It celebrates the beginning of new season, Spring where some area of India will be covered with all those beautiful colors! People with throw each other some color powders! AH I'm so in lovee! I WILL BE IN INDIA....... SOMEDAY! lol

Anyway, I wore Saree back in 2009/2010 for my yearbook shot (such a bad hair day!!! UGHH) and wore them for an Internationalism Day Celebration Event at school! I really enjoyed myself!

I will see you soon, India <3 

Photos :,,,, etc


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