Brother style

Obviously my brother's style isn't like this. Its basically the casual, boyish style of me where other people usually revers to "Boyfriend style" but the fact that I am boyfriend-less and I'm wearing my brother's shirt, "Brother Style" might be appropriate. (This is usually the part where my best friend said "Not funny pat :) ") 
Anyway, I will be leaving the country for college soon and I will not meet my brother before my departure. This is so sad. (My brother is also studying outside the country right now) And I don't think I will returning back soon, so I'll probably will see him again one or two more years from now. Well hopefully my family could visit me sometime. 

Top : Zara / Shirt : Cotton On / Legging : NYLA / Ankle Boots : Zara


  1. I just love it! The shirt! I really hope that you will get to see your family more often. I know how much they mean to me, so they must mean just as much or more for you :)

    Check me out!


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