Spring Break - Lyon, France

Winter's over, Internship's over, SPRING BREAK IS HERE! No complains for now (actually i'm complaining about thesis, but let's pretend I didn't)
You heard me right, THESIS a.k.a I'm already on my last semester WHOOOTTTT?! That got me thinking and wondering, how can I live in this country for almost three years now, and have not explore other cities? A huge country of with 643,803 km2, that offers so much more that the eiffel tower // from the most sunny beachy cities in the South to the chilly, snowy mountains to ski. So yeah, I have decided that I will dedicate my energy, money and time to move my lazy ass away from Paris and go into wild adventure (okay 'wild' is a little too much)

Last Fall, I spent sometime in Bourgogne aka Burgundy to visit Dijon and Beaune, then Alsace for my Winter break on which I visited Colmar and Strasbourg and got mesmerized by the beauty of fairytale-looking cities and I must say, they have the 'fleek-est' Christmas spirit in the entire France.

Anyway, then impulsively, I got my tickets and accommodation to visit one of the cities I've been longing to see, Lyon to spend my Spring break. And as Scotty P from We're The Millers would say, No Ragrets.

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More posts about Lyon will be up soon!


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