Omg! I can’t tell you how much fun I had last weekend! My friends came for a visit from the Netherlands and we (or shall I say, I) had the biggest and hardest laugh i have ever had since I moved to Paris. To feel the love and vibe of other fellow Indonesians, especially who came from the same background and environment as you are is very comforting when you are so far far away from home. I’m just so glad that they came for a visit. And the thing about having fun with my fellow Indonesian is we can have TONS of fun even without alcohol, unlike most people here, they only have fun after they sipped their wine. Please, don’t get me wrong by thinking I’m racist or something, but I know it's just cultural differences.

Photographer : Hanna Theodora


  1. so good;) x

  2. When I came to USA, it felt good to meet Indonesian people in here. Btw do they really drink wine like an everyday thing?


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