Little Italy

To live in Paris, it is a very unique experience. Everything is just so...... colorless. The way people are dressed, the buildings, well basically everything, until I found this little street which made me so surprised as it is located inside Paris. Surreal, surreal. Definitely I wouldn't be surprised if I found this in Italy or I don't know maybe Greece. Oh well. Anyway, this location is not called Little Italy.

Anyway, I know I don't really promote myself much but I just wanna tell you guys that I'm in Instagram (Duh) as patriciarossaa. Feel free to click the follow button eventhough I protected my account :) Have a relaxing weekend


  1. great building in your background!
    wish i could that place, and take some photos for my blog :p

    anyway, have u checked my latest post about Liebster Award?
    I nominated you as one of Indonesia Fashion Blogger who deserve Liebster Award
    check this link for more detail

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Your furry vest is my favorite! Super cute look.


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