The City of Lights

Hey guys! Surprise, surprissee! I am now in Paris. Not for vacation but to stay for the next couple of years to study here! I only have been here for 2 days and I'm already in love with Paris. Maybe because I haven't experienced and hopefully won't experience bad things like being robbed and such (which I always warned by people) I love the weather here, breezy but not yet freeze-y lol. Anyway here's my first outfit post after being absent for so long and the first post in here! Not the best outfit to be pictured but so perfect with Paris' weather!

Leather Jacket : Zara / T-shirt : Star Wars Mercy Vintage / Scarf : Forever21 /
Jeans : Zara / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp


  1. OMG! I like those new hair! And I love the fact that you're already in Paris, GEEzzz! I love that place! Are you gonna study fashion?? Thats super cute.. I wish I could Anyway love your outfit! wish you all the best girl! xoxo

  2. Beautiful jacket! :)

  3. Great scarf and beautiful photos! Enjoy Paris.
    Love, Julia :*


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