Hey guysss! For a thousand times now, I propose you another apology for 'abandoning' the blog. Well, I always check my Blogger dashboard but haven't been so inspired to write lately. Plus I am in the middle of very busy days. So I am so so sorry for that and the fact that my last post was take a month ago, it does kinda freaks me out! But I promise you guys the best one is about to come! I will take another big, important, exciting step of my life next week and I promise you guys to keep you updated! Trust me its an awesome one!

Anyway just a little update, I chopped of my hair last friday because 1) they were so damaged 2) I'll move away from home, so it will be quite expensive to have a haircut there (LOL!) 3) I do think that long hair is kinda boring. Sorry for unready-face picture with a sleepy snow leopard!


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