Fuf so tireeeddd! Today i'm writing with a headache..... I am a week away from my final exam (and why the hell i'm blogging right now) and yet there are still a lot of assignments and tests for this week. Tomorrow I will have Bahasa Indonesia work sheet followed by Math unit test. Shot me now!! I am usually trying my best to sleep early (like max 10 pm) but i'm sure tonight will be a sleepless night..... I'm currently going back and forth studying math then Bahasa Indonesia then Business studies then Math then BS and so ooonnnn. I can't focus on one subject right now because I feel insecure :| WISH ME LUCK EVERYBODYYY! I NEED to get a higher grade! ps: today I sold 18 red velvet cupcakes HIHI and tomorrow I will sell 20 chocolate cookies and cream cupcakes! (HEHEHE yes selling cupcakes is my main income for shopping HOHOHOHO) Anywayyy, I need to get back to all these papers and books and some more writing and memorizing things! Talk to you sooonn


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