Colors Fading & Frayed At The Sides

Music has always been something that is very important for me. I can never live my life without music. Most of people said the exact same sentence as I just said, but seriously I really mean it. Forgiting my iPod or even worst earphone equals to bad day! Imagining facing the crowd and spending 45 minutes in the metro to campus without my music is basically torturing me.
The point is I LOVE MUSIC, not only listening to it, but also watching music performance a.k.a CONCERTS!

I mean who doesn't? The experience is just priceless. It is not only listening to the music, you get to see the artist doing what they really passionate about, the energy, the emotion that they share, It. Is. An. Amazing. Experience.! Especially if you lucky enough to see the band member (spoiler alert). 
In the beginning of 2014, if I'm not mistaken in February, my friends and I wanted to watch so many shows. Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Bombay Bicycle Club, etc but we missed it all due to hardcore class schedule and projects we had. So when Bombay Bicycle Club announced another show for 25th of November 2014, without any hesitation I bought the ticket, along with my friend. It is part of the So Long See You Tomorrow tour.
At the day of the show, we decided to come early directly from campus, which is only 8 metro stops away. We estimated to arrive in Le Bataclan only around 15 minutes, so we had the time to fill our belly with some quiche first. Although it was not that good.

We arrived there around 17;15/17:20 a.k.a 2 hours before the door opens. Finding only 5 other people queuing in front us made us very positive that we are going to be in front. In front of the venue, parked a huge tour bus and the crew of BBC kept on going in and out of it. We were sure that Jack Steadman, Suren de Saram, Ed Nash, Jamie MacColl and the rest of the supporting people were inside just chillin', watching over the people around there. I kept on looking and smiling–trying to be charming. Kinda hoping that they would come out and invite us over to the bus to chill with them (I thank those kind of films for making my expectation exceed lol).

We just continue being excited and listening to their music while queuing up, when all of a sudden.....

I died for a couple of seconds there.

"omg omg omg omg omg omg" that was all that I could say. They other looked weirdly at me and started to wonder why the hell is this girl freaking out. A second later, they finally noticed that He was walking towards us. or should I say towards the venue. When he finally got there with us, I immediately ask him how's he doing. I tried to look chill but I obviously he knew how I was actually very nervous. "Hey, I'm great, how about you", he answered. DID HE JUST TALKED TO ME WHILE LOOKING AT MY FACE?!?
We started to have a small chit chat and my friend mention him about BBC concert in Indonesia. "Oh yeah we were in Jakarta, It was great". I was very happy that he actually remember the name of the city when we actually just mentioned the name of our country. I WAS VERY VERY GLAD THAT I SPEAK ENGLISH, which gave us the advantages to engage in a conversation with him when the others just stare at him. 
We took some pictures with him, started with my friend, then me, followed by the other 2 girls who was there. When I found that the others didn't want to take picture with him, I asked whether I could take a selfie and he answered "Yes, of course". SO I GOT 2 PICTURES WITH HIM!. 
He left us and went to the café beside the venue, but none of us followed him. We knew he need his space. He left us with tons of excitement and happiness. Then I realised that all this time I was talking to him, I actually had a little quiche crumbs sticking on my lips because of my lipstick.....
Around 1 or 2 hours after that, the door opened and we rushed inside. I got the best position ever. Centre and very front. I promise you that Jack was only a meter away from me."Childhood" band opened the show with a very good indie songs that pumped us. They are also a British band from London. But sadly the venue was quite empty when they performed. At that time, our only hope was that the space will already filled up by the time of BBC get on stage. Which happened. 
The show was amazing. I'm not lying. Jack as usually wore his blue shirt, sang and played the guitar wonderfully, Suren was so fucking hot bring the beat with his drum, and of course Ed and Jamie too. Liz Lawrence, the lady with amazing voice also sang well as the backing vocal and Louise Bhose doing his thing with the beat. I need to give a big applause for the lighting designer. It was just amazing. 
For those who is still doubting whether to watch Bombay Bicycle Club play or not, dude seriously just but your ticket now and enjoy the show! 


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