I have been very determined lately to be the healthiest person I can be. Because 1.) I gained too much within a year 2.) I been eating so much of bad stuff like kebab and greasy stuff which I didn't consume before I came here 3.) I just wanna be healthy lol.

So I been shifting myself from waking up at 11 am in my free days, to waking up at 8 am everyday or earlier, followed by 45 minutes or running if I don't have morning classes and juiced some fruits as my breakfast like I always do since I was tiny. Drink a loooott of water during the day, eat nutritious food, and try to sleep maximum of 11 pm. And I feel sooo much better because of this habit. Not only I feel like I lose some weight, I also feel fresher and fit.

Lately we have been exposed by the issue of self acceptance. To be happy with who you are, what you have, what size to are, how tall you are and everything. Being skinny like Barbie is not what we want anymore. The guys are interested in any sizes, not only the 0 or the 4 sized women. Even the fashion industry is using Plus Size women in the runway shows or in the magazines. This is a very good thing. But I feel like every great thing can be misinterpreted. 

In this case, people are starting not to take care of themselves by not applying a healthy lifestyle through the food they are consuming, not having enough of good sleep, not exercising and everything just because they feel like nobody can judge her of being 'fat' or maybe simply because of she's happy with any kind of sizes she has. But seriously, this is not healthy. Accepting and being happy with how fat you are doesn't mean you are healthy. Especially nowadays more weird diseases are found without any cure, cancer is not a rare thing anymore, even a 3 years old kids has cancers, the number people with heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol are increasing every year, this is obviously because we are not taking good care of ourselves. 
Some people says being healthy is expensive. And it is. Especially when you are living in a country who is using currency that is more expensive than your country's. But it is more expensive to pay hospital bill that paying your healthy grocery bill.

It's good to accept who you are because I know it is hard to achieve that stage of self acceptance, but girls (and boys) don't forget to be take a good care of your body with healthy lifestyle because healthier you, can lead you to a better you .

 Top : Topshop / Skirt : Alexalexa / Shoes : Dr. Martens / Bag : Zara / Sunglasses : Swarovski 
Nail Polish : O.P.I Dulche De Leche

Photo : Hanna Theodora


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