C'est l'été

What time is it? SUMMER TIME? 
Lol I know I sounded very lame just now, but you have no idea how happy I am right now because 1.) First year of college already finish! 2.) I finally can sleep (i've been an all-nighters because of heavy loaded final projects) 3.) I'll be home soon 4.) catch up with my fav tv series lol 5.) IT'S SUMMER (duh?) Like I need other reason to be happy?!

Top : Vintage / Skirt : H&M / Sneakers : Nike / Bag : Zara / 
Sunglasses : & Other Stories / Watch : Swatch

Photos : Heidy Martuparia


  1. suuper!:) xx

  2. That pineapple print is just so fun and cute! :) Love the bag too, nice look!


  3. Awesome outfit, so different and daring! Love your sneakers and your skirt! Would be great if we could follow each other on GFC, let me know! x



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