Le Printemps

WINTER IS FINALLY OVER! Picnic has become a daily thing now. Oh and sun, how I have missed you! The beautiful flowers are seen all across the city now which is really refreshing. But it does made another problems though: 
1.) Since I only had 23 kgs when I moved from Jakarta to Paris, I only brought winter clothes, which means NO CLOTHES FOR SPRING SUMMER. I shall run to the store and get new stuff then.
2. ) SUN BURNS ME! I mean I am southeast asian, we get dark super easy. I just laid under the sun for 30 minutes and now I'm already darker. 
Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that dark is not pretty, but seriously I'm tired of keep on changing colour lol and it hurts. And I prefer to get darker at home (read: vacay in Indo this summer yeay) rather than burnt by Paris' weird weather.

Outer : Forever21 / Tank Top : H&M / Necklace : (x) S. M . L / Shorts : Forever21 /
Flats : Zara / Bag : Mulberry
Photos : Heidy Martuparia


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