It's good to be back after gone for awhile, even though I missed christmas and new year post! How awful. BUT NOW I'M BACK...... with a short post lol :') :'( I've been awfully busy now, even when I was on my break. But I'll try my best not to abandon my blog again hoho. 
Happy new year to everybody (even though it's already in the middle of january) but its better late than never, right? I wish 2014 is going to be better than 2013 and more blessing comes to us, amen! 
This year I'm trying to make a new year resolution just to try to become a better person, and I put "Try to complete all my resolutions" into the list lol, because I'm not really the 'new year resolution' kind of person. So finger crossed and wish me luck
photos by Hanna Theodora


  1. Hi, I've just nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award. All the information is in this blog post:

  2. Hey! Thank you so much for inspiring me to update my blog. My last post was in January and after seeing your post today, i feel like doing one. You have your own kind of fashion taste which amaze me because my view on fashion has completely changed after reading your blog! Eventhough i don't get a chance to see Paris as much as you do, I can feel the breeze and cold sensation by just reading your description which complements the elements of a good blog! I have just included your link in my latest post. Feel free to read :) It would mean so much to me. Thanks xx



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