I hate it when the academic year is going to end, all kinds of tests and projects are pilling up. I mean come on, I've been lacking sleep lately, which makes my face looks so horrible. Actually, these pictures were already taken more than 2 weeks ago, but like I said, I got no time.

I would like to thank ka Fahad and a couple of other bloggers for nominating me in Liebsters Award, but i am really really sorry so say that I think I can't 'participate' or passing the award to other bloggers, since 1.) As I mention before I have no time :(
2. I actually don't really know/follow a lot of bloggers, so I found it really hard. HEHE

BUT I found it really interesting and just for fun I would like to answer the question that He proposed to me:
1. Please describe your style in 3 words!
Colorful, a bit "rock n roll', and exprimental
2. When is your birthday?
25th of September. (fun fact : It's also my parents' anniversary)
3. Who is your fashion icon?
Honestly I have no idea. Blake Lively I guess... HAHA
4. What's your favorite pattern?
Leopard (but in fun colours)
5. Let's do a throwback moment, would you like to share you very first outfit photo on your blog here? (Yes you have to)
Here it is HAHA

6. Do you have any story behind your blog's name?
In fact, I do. Which you can check it out in Here 
7. What's your next "MUST HAVE" item to purchase?
SKIRTS! I'm completely obsessed with skirts, oh and leather jacket, whether its faux leather or the real one
8. You will never wear?
Can I answer never say never? lol hhmmm I don't know, maybe Harem pants?
9. The first thing you look at in another person's outfit?
Honestly, I always look at someone else's outfit as a whole. So I don't really know HEHE
10. Who's your favorite fashion blogger?
11. What do you think about me? (Though we haven't met in person yet or we already met, just give me your opinion)
I like your style as it is very bold and really shows your strong confidence :) 

Anyway, I just made account, well free to ask questions :) 
HERE'S my link 
Jacket : Zara / Dress : (X).S.M.L / Shoes : Dr. Martens / Bag : Mulberry 


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