I know I have been very uncool and unprofessional for not blogging for soooo long, especially taking outfit post. And I realized its been a month since my last outfit post, I mean I have no idea what has gotten to me! So I took it as a slap on the face and decided to take my tripod and (finally) took some pictures! After thousands of times apologizing, so here it is!

That's what happen when you have a loooooonnggg holiday and you spent most of your time at home. Oh and no photographer is available.... I guess I have to work with my tripod more often! Anyway, happy weekend guyss!

OH! One last thing! Indonesian readers, don't forget to check out my other blog that I made to sell some of my old yet precious clothes! :*

Scarf as Headpiece : Unbranded / Sweater and shirt : Forever 21 
/ Pants : H&M / Flats : Zara / Tote : Lacoste


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